Little Ways to Travel Free Around This World


I have this obsession at hacking the travel code. What this means is that as a global traveler I am always looking for ways to travel to more places for cheap or free. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy luxury, but inexpensive and free luxury are even better. Here we will discuss some basic ways to get free or very cheap travel.

First off to let you know who you are dealing with, my name is Chris. I left the 9-5 rat race life back in April 2011. I left my jobs (unfortunately plural) to head south with my girlfriend and move to Costa Rica. From Costa Rica, the plan was to get all of our income online and travel the world. That was the easy part. We now teach online, live walking distance from one of the most beautiful beach in the world in the beautiful little coastal town of Manuel Antonio. Next, we are planning to move to some islands in Panama, then hop over to South America for some more exploring. After that, off to Asia for an indefinite trip around the world.

So with our travels and networking with fellow travelers here are some creative ways to assist you on your expedition.

First off it is a good idea to understand the culture. Most counties that are not 1st world are accustomed to bartering. This means that for a little work you can get a ton of things for free. In Costa Rica it is very possible to get free rent for just a couple hours of work every morning. Most developing and 3rd world countries are also like this. A great place to start generating bartering ideas is on Many people do advertise trades and barters like this. I friend of mine lived and ate for free for an entire month in Costa Rica. He has the dream of working on a farm and learning more about Agriculture. So he found a farmer that would give him food and a place to sleep as long as he helped out around the farm.

Volunteering is a great idea. If you can find a way to free your life up from your bills. You can pretty much go anywhere in the world working, living and eating if you are open to volunteer. There are thousands or organizations that will supply you with a ‘volunteers salary’ that keeps your happy and safe while working. The Peace Corp are one of these organizations.

I love this next idea. There are so many global travelers that rack up 500,000+ frequent flyer miles every year. People will first automate all of their bills to be paid with a credit card that awards frequent flyer miles. There are also a ton of organizations that offer incentives to offer free frequent flyer miles. The best way is to find a blog or two of people that teach others how to do this. I am now signed up for a class that last 6 weeks. It teaches people how to accumulate 500,000+ flyer miles every year with very little actual flying time. The best part…one free flight is guaranteed or your money back. The class was a whopping $29.

The author wants to invite you to learn more about learning how to travel free. He is also an avid camper and can teach you a ton about making the best of your camping experience with the proper camping food.

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